My Daughter's Wedding

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Start date 22nd September 2006    Last updated 22nd September 2006
The bride and groom
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These are a few observations of my daughter's wedding.



The bride's bouquet

When the wedding was planned, my wife and daughter had long discussions about what themes should run through the day.

To cut a long and sometimes fraught story short, three themes emerged. These were:


The Dress

The bride's dress
In front of the church
At the front of the car
At the car
Jewelry laying on the stole
Bridesmaid and bride

The dress was designed and made by a close friend of the bride's mother, who is a fashion designer.

During the design phase, there were many consultations between designer and bride, with tears and tantrums, only saved from disaster with strong mediation by her mother. I kept well out of this phase of the proceedings.

The design was inspired by the shape of the calla lily, the colour was cream, with grape coloured edgings.

You can see some of its features in the photos here. Note the collar, with its overlaying petals, the back of the dress (not well shown) with the petals of the calla lily opening to reveal the train, the front (in most pictures hidden by the bouquet) with its flowing detail and grape and clear sparkling beads.

The seam at the back flowed like the edge of the petal, the zip at the side was completely invisible, totally disguised as a perfect seam.

Her jewelry consisted of matching neckless and earrings, the design again emphasising the flow of petals, and a "borrowed" tiara, with extra grape coloured beading to keep the colour theme. It is shown in the picture displayed on a stole that was made to match the dress, with curved and piped ends, and pearl beading to match the back of the dress. Although not used during the day (the weather was quite warm), it proved its worth in the late evening (early next morning) when sitting outside.

The bridesmaid's dress was in grape. Note that the bridesmaid's bouquet is all cream flowers to show up against her dress, the bride's were mainly grape with a few cream.

Even one of the male guests was heard to remark to his wife, "That's the nicest wedding dress I've ever seen".



For their honeymoon they went for two weeks to Kenya. For the week, they were on safari, and I received a number of text messages, times are GMT (with certain personal bits omitted):



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