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Thanks are due to many people for the contents of this site, but in particular:

My late wife For putting up with me, allowing me to have a motorcycle when she has absolutely no desire (or possibly too much sense) to go near one. And, who having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, said "Whatever happens, I want you to enjoy your bike."
My son Who provided all the IT support for this site, wrote the first version of the gallery viewer, and taught me most of what I know about HTML and PHP (so if I've got it wrong, it's his fault).
My daughter For generally encouraging me, and being company for my wife when I'm away. Gave me a backhanded compliment on her second ride with me - she "got bored". (Well, it was about 100 miles of motorway-type road.)
My brother From whom I "inherited" my first motorbike, and who taught me the basics
Don Then of Shires Motorcycle Training, who gave me the training and encouragement to get me re-started after my long absence
Peter (and Fiona) Macintyre Of Highland Rider, for running some excellent tours in Scotland, even if Peter does do it for the money (he swears he does it for love)
Co-riders on Peter's tours, in particular Les, Richard and Jackie, Ged and Janet, Steve, and many more... Who provided great company on Peter's tours
Pidcocks of Nottingham For looking after my Triumphs and me
Arnolds Motorcycles of Burton-upon-Trent For looking after my Yamahas

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