A dull day out

A ride out on a dull, overcast day 29/12/2008.

Start date 7th January 2010    Last updated 7th January 2010

So, yesterday the weather was overcast, cold, high humidity (just a trace of drizzle), but most of the snow and ice had gone off my drive and lane. It's been two weeks since I've been able to ride, my throttle hand is decidedly itchy.

"Do we need any bread?" I ask SWMBO.

"Well, we could do with a loaf. Go on, then, I know you want a ride." (She sees right through me every time .)

I pull the bike out of the garage, where it's looking cold and damp (I get a lot of condensation). I check the tyre pressures, down a little, so I pump them up.

I'm only going to the local shops, so I don't dress for the temperature (it's 2C - 35F), just my normal jacket and pants, boots, and I put on my summer gloves - they're easier to deal with things than the winter ones.

Well, I take three miles to do the one mile to the shops, gets the bike up to 3 bars on the gauge. I buy the bread, get back on the bike.

It's turn left to get back home, but the bike wants to turn right. Well, then, OK, just a couple of miles up the road, then we'll turn round.

After a couple of miles - "I could turn round here - oops, missed it. Oh, OK then, a bit further". Repeated that for a few times .

The roads were damp, greasy, some that I chose had mud and stuff dragged on from farms, generally treacherous, but I enjoyed every mile. The only time I lost grip was when I had to stop to turn onto a more major road. Set off, and after straightening, I wound on the throttle a bit and the rear wheel spun up, but absolutely no problem.

Finally realised I was getting cold; tips of thumbs and little fingers numb in spite of the heated grips (well, I had put on my summer gloves), bodily I could feel the chill, my neck was cold, my legs were cold. The temperature gauge had not moved beyond 3C (37F).

Eventually I did a loop round and got home. About 60 miles. For a loaf of bread.

Hosed the bike down - there was a lot of residual salt on many of the roads.

Finally took off my helmet, and realised just how cold I must have been, my face was frozen in a huge grin .