Atrophy: Convert Google route URL to Tomtom itinerary

Please note this is experimental software.

Document start date: 7 Feb 2014 8:38    Last updated: 18 Feb 2019 12:02:19 (GMT)

Recently updated so there is no need for dragging start- and/or end-points

Create your route on Google Maps by setting start and end points then dragging the route as required.
Click for an Example Google Map URL or click for the map
Click for an Example Google Map URL, alternative syntax or click for the map
Copy the Google Maps' URL from the address bar, paste it into the "URL" box below.
Choose a name as the waypoint prefix in the waypoint prefix box ("GM_" by default).
Choose a file-name/itinerary-name in the file-name/ itinerary-name box ("itinerary" by default) - don't put in the .itn suffix.
Click on the "Convert" button.
The page will refresh with the .itn text in the "itn" box.
Note the Start Point will be in the itnerary as a visited way-point.
   Download the itinerary file by clicking the link,
   Copy the Tomtom itinerary data, paste it into an editor, save it as a ".itn" file in the itn directory in your Tomtom.
Note that some browsers may add a different suffix, Safari on my Mac puts ".txt" after the filename. If it does this, you will need to rename the file after saving it..
Do check the route by making Tomtom calculate it. It may well vary from your desired route, even if you've chosen similar route options (no motorways or whatever). You may need to add waypoints into the itinerary on the Tomtom.

Paste URL in here:
Waypoint prefix:
File-name / Itinerary-name:.itn