Atrophy: Some routes recorded by Tomtom

Interactive maps of some of my journeys, recorded by my satnav, maps presented via OpenStreetMap

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Alnwick20-23 Aug 2013- 25 Aug 2013   
Alps15-17 Sep 2019- 18-21 Sep 2019   
Greece11-18 Apr 2011- 19-23 Apr 2011- 24-25 Apr 2011  
Local19 May 20127-9 Jun 201320 Jul 201310 Oct-28 Nov 2013- 28 Nov 2013
Local2 Jan-2 Feb 2014- 16 Feb 201420 Aug 201418 Sep 201422 Oct 2014
Local15 Dec 2014-29 Jan 201517 May 201527 Sep-20 Nov 2015- 7 Dec 20155 Feb 2016
Local30 Mar-10 Apr 201615 Jun 201615-29 Nov 201615 Feb 20179-31 Jul 2017
Local4 Feb 201829 Jul 20181 Aug-8 Sep 201913 May-24 Jun 2020- 1-24 Jul 2020
Local- 9 Aug 2020    
Santa14-15 Dec 2013    
Scotland2 May-9 Jun 201114-17 Sep 201325-28 May 2014- 29-31 May 20144-7 Sep 2014
Scotland18-21 Jun 2016- 22-25 Jun 2016- 26 Jun 201610-13 Sep 2016- 13-15 Sep 2016
Scotland1-3 Oct 2017- 4-7 Oct 20178-11 Sep 2018- 12-15 Sep 2018- 16 Sep 2018
Scotland 6 Sep 2016    
Shetlands25-28 May 2019- 29 May-1 Jun 2019- 2 Jun 2019  
Spain1-4 Apr 2012- 5-9 Apr 201227 Mar 201313-15 Apr 2014- 16-19 Apr 2014
Spain- 20-22 Apr 20142-5 Apr 201520-23 May 2018- 24-28 May 2018- 29 May 2018
Spain13-16 Apr 2019- 17-20 Apr 2019- 21-23 Apr 2019  
UK,Eire23-26 May 2015- 27-30 May 2015   
Wales20-22 Jul 2014    

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11/04/2011Greece Spain, Santander to Santo Domingo de la CalzadaSpain126
16/04/2011GreeceLast part of Ancona, Italy via Igoumenitsa, Greece to Thessalonika, GreeceItaly;Greece102
16/04/2011GreeceMost of the trip in oneGreece2490
18/04/2011GreeceThessalonika to IgoumenitsaGreece225
19/04/2011GreeceAncona to Florance, ItalyItaly173
21/04/2011GreeceFirenze, Italy to Sospel, FranceItaly;France322
22/04/2011GreeceSospel to Ganges, FranceFrance270
23/04/2011GreeceGanges to Yvoy Le Marron, France (under & over the Millau Bridge)France396
24/04/2011GreeceYvoy Le Marron to St Malo, France, Jersey and GuernseyFrance;Jersey;Guernsey247
25/04/2011GreeceMost of Thesalonica (Greece) to Derby (England)Greece;Italy;France;Jersey;Guernsey2578
25/04/2011GreeceFinal leg, Guernsey, ferry to Weymouth, on to DerbyGuernsey;England225
02/05/2011ScotlandScotland to England|Badachro, Isle of Skye, Linlithgow, Derby (more than 1 day)Scotland;England737
30/05/2011ScotlandBadachro to KinlocheweScotland20
31/05/2011ScotlandBadachro to DurnessScotland285
09/06/2011ScotlandAchdurt to Ullapool (not the whole day)Scotland27
01/04/2012SpainDerby to Plymouth (en route to Spain)England244
02/04/2012SpainSantander to Sena de LunaSpain179
03/04/2012SpainLas Medulas (Spain) to Braganca (Portugal)Spain;Portugal154
04/04/2012SpainBraganca to Bairro do CabrilPortugal259
05/04/2012SpainBairro do Cabril (Portugal) to Plasencia (Spain)Portugal;Spain217
06/04/2012SpainPlasencia to SegoviaSpain181
08/04/2012SpainSegovia to AbalosSpain221
09/04/2012SpainAbalos to SantanderSpain167
19/05/2012LocalA local rideEngland61
27/03/2013SpainA day out from ZaharaSpain223
07/06/2013LocalA local rideEngland39
09/06/2013LocalA sunny eveningEngland27
20/07/2013LocalDealer, then aroundEngland57
20/08/2013AlnwickDerby to AlnwickEngland243
21/08/2013AlnwickRound trip 1England113
22/08/2013AlnwickRound trip 2England207
23/08/2013AlnwickRound trip 3England;Scotland153
25/08/2013AlnwickAlnwick to DerbyEngland234
14/09/2013ScotlandDerby to KillinEngland;Scotland358
15/09/2013ScotlandKillin to GairlochScotland232
16/09/2013ScotlandGairloch to CoyletScotland234
17/09/2013ScotlandCoylet to Carlisle (en route to Derby)Scotland;England139
10/10/2013LocalPartial local tripEngland13
04/11/2013LocalMonday MeanderEngland62
23/11/2013LocalSaturday DisappointmentEngland32
28/11/2013LocalHome to the NEC Motorcycle ShowEngland41
28/11/2013LocalNEC Motorcycle Show to home (part)England36
14/12/2013SantaSanta 2 DeliveryEngland193
15/12/2013SantaSanta 2 ReturnEngland145
02/01/2014LocalNew Year's Day Plus OneEngland66
07/01/2014LocalOuting into rainEngland61
25/01/2014LocalHail, lightning, thunder, rain, rivers ...England34
02/02/2014LocalExploring local DalesEngland54
16/02/2014LocalFirst nice day for weeksEngland71
13/04/2014Spain Home to PlymouthEngland248
14/04/2014SpainSantander to CadavedoSpain169
15/04/2014SpainCadavedo to OrtigueiraSpain209
15/04/2014SpainOrtigueira evening loopSpain19
16/04/2014SpainOrtigueira to MeanoSpain237
17/04/2014SpainMeano to Porto AntigoSpain;Portugal205
18/04/2014SpainPorto Antigo to Serra da Estrela Natural Park and backPortugal208
19/04/2014SpainPorto Antigo to CristosendePortugal;Spain241
20/04/2014SpainCristosende to Serrilla 205
21/04/2014SpainSerrilla to SantanderSpain142
22/04/2014SpainPortsmouth to DerbyEngland188
25/05/2014ScotlandCarlisle to KillinEngland;Scotland197
26/05/2014ScotlandKillin to GairlochScotland232
27/05/2014ScotlandGairloch to TongueScotland183
28/05/2014ScotlandTongue to Loch NessScotland209
29/05/2014ScotlandLoch Ness to Skye (Partial route)Scotland103
29/05/2014ScotlandLoch Ness to Skye (Partial route)Scotland84
30/05/2014ScotlandSkye to InverraryScotland192
31/05/2014ScotlandInverrary to Derby (Partial route)Scotland;England221
20/07/2014WalesDerby to (near) DolgellauEngland;Wales209
21/07/2014WalesWales (near) Dolgellau - Little BarringtonWales;England254
22/07/2014Wales(near) Little Barrington - DerbyEngland142
20/08/2014LocalAfternoon out (partial)England26
04/09/2014ScotlandScotby to GairlochEngland;Scotland340
05/09/2014ScotlandGairloch to TongueScotland235
06/09/2014ScotlandTongue to KillinScotland292
07/09/2014ScotlandA bit past Killin to DerbyScotland;England334
18/09/2014LocalFinding Fischers of BaslowEngland65
22/10/2014LocalReturn home after visit to Arboretum War MemorialEngland0
15/12/2014LocalDecember Monday morning meanderEngland89
11/01/2015LocalSunday saunterEngland70
20/01/2015LocalQuick loopEngland40
29/01/2015LocalChicken[ned out] RunEngland26
02/04/2015SpainLoop from Zahara de la SierraSpain224
03/04/2015SpainZahara de la Sierra to BaezaSpain232
04/04/2015SpainBaeza to CuencaSpain257
05/04/2015SpainCuenca to Santo Domingo de La CalzadaSpain258
17/05/2015LocalLoop with Monster in towEngland64
23/05/2015UK,EireDerby to DolgellauEngland;Wales186
24/05/2015UK,EireDolgellau to SligoEngland;Ireland280
25/05/2015UK,EireSligo to CarnloughIreland;Northern Ireland239
26/05/2015UK,EireCarnlough to CairnbaanNorthern Ireland;Scotland195
27/05/2015UK,EireCairnbaan to PlocktonScotland200
28/05/2015UK,EirePlockton via Dunvegan to GairlochScotland182
29/05/2015UK,EireGairloch to CarnwathScotland281
30/05/2015UK,EireCarnwath to DerbyScotland;England251
27/09/2015LocalSunday skiveEngland11
12/10/2015LocalMonday autumnal loopEngland58
29/10/2015LocalLeaf clearingEngland54
20/11/2015LocalPeak District LoopEngland51
07/12/2015LocalTissington FordEngland35
05/02/2016LocalTissington Ford againEngland45
18/06/2016ScotlandDerby to InnerleithenEngland;Scotland264
19/06/2016ScotlandInnerleithen to Sconser, Isle of SkyeScotland353
20/06/2016ScotlandSconser, Isle of Skye to Tarbert, Harris, Outer HebridesScotland371
21/06/2016ScotlandHarris ExplorerScotland144
22/06/2016ScotlandUllerpool to GairlochScotland170
23/06/2016ScotlandGairloch to GairlochScotland208
24/06/2016ScotlandGairloch to StrontianScotland193
25/06/2016ScotlandStrontian to Sanquhar (first few miles not recorded)Scotland252
26/06/2016ScotlandSanquhar to Derby (first few miles not recorded)Scotland;England241
06/09/2016Scotland? B824 from the A9, A820,A84 through CallanderScotland12
10/09/2016ScotlandDerby to KillinEngland;Scotland349
11/09/2016ScotlandKillin to TongueScotland249
12/09/2016ScotlandTongue to GairlochScotland207
13/09/2016ScotlandGairloch round much of Skye to SconserScotland232
13/09/2016ScotlandApplecross part 2 (movie)Scotland10
13/09/2016ScotlandApplecross part 2 (movie)Scotland6
14/09/2016ScotlandSconser to CairnbaanScotland211
15/09/2016ScotlandCairnbaan to DerbyScotland;England366
15/11/2016LocalNovember AfternoonEngland47
29/11/2016LocalBread run into the sunEngland31
15/02/2017LocalWet WednesdayEngland30
09/07/2017LocalSunday MourningEngland60
31/07/2017LocalMonday quick loopEngland64
01/10/2017ScotlandDerby to KillinEngland;Scotland354
02/10/2017Scotland Killin to GairlochEngland220
02/10/2017ScotlandKillin to GairlochScotland219
03/10/2017ScotlandGairloch to TongueScotland168
04/10/2017ScotlandTongue to StrontianScotland256
05/10/2017ScotlandStrontian to SconserScotland147
06/10/2017ScotlandSconser to InnerleithenScotland257
07/10/2017ScotlandInnerleithen to DerbyScotland;England251
04/02/2018LocalA few Sunday milesEngland78
20/05/2018SpainDerby to PlymouthEngland253
21/05/2018SpainSantander to Valdore (incomplete)Spain149
22/05/2018SpainValdore to BragancaSpain262
23/05/2018SpainBraganca to SalamancaSpain174
24/05/2018SpainSalamanca to SegoviaSpain176
25/05/2018SpainSegovia to Haro (incomplete)Spain222
27/05/2018SpainHaro to Villanasure de OcaSpain269
28/05/2018SpainVillanasure de Oca to SantanderSpain116
29/05/2018SpainPortsmouth to DerbyEngland188
29/07/2018LocalWet Sunday quick tripEngland70
08/09/2018ScotlandDerby to InnerleithenEngland;Scotland247
09/09/2018ScotlandInnerleithen to DinnetScotland191
10/09/2018ScotlandDinnet to Sconser (Skye)Scotland193
11/09/2018ScotlandSconser - Raasay - Skye loop - SconserScotland110
12/09/2018ScotlandSconser to GairlochScotland237
13/09/2018ScotlandGairloch to OverscraigScotland217
14/09/2018ScotlandOverscraig to TayChregganScotland204
15/09/2018ScotlandTayChreggan to KingarthScotland121
16/09/2018ScotlandThe whole routeEngland;Scotland1836
16/09/2018ScotlandKingarth to DerbyScotland;England320
13/04/2019SpainDerby to Blue AnchorEngland187
14/04/2019SpainBlue Anchor to PlymouthEngland92
15/04/2019SpainSantander to TorezoSpain145
16/04/2019SpainTorezo to Auga DoceSpain255
17/04/2019SpainAuga Doce to CambadosSpain192
18/04/2019SpainCambados loopSpain200
19/04/2019SpainCambados (Spain) to Valenca Do Douro (Portugal)Spain;Portugal227
20/04/2019SpainValenca Do Douro (Portugal) to Las Herrerias (Spain) (from itinerary)Portugal;Spain210
21/04/2019SpainLas Herrerias to VentanillaSpain212
22/04/2019SpainVentanilla to SantanderSpain86
23/04/2019SpainPortsmouth to DerbyEngland192
25/05/2019ShetlandsDerby to InnerleithenEngland;Scotland288
26/05/2019ShetlandsInnerleithan to Aberdeen Ferry TerminalScotland179
27/05/2019ShetlandsRound the Shetlands, including the very northScotland (Shetlands)145
28/05/2019ShetlandsRound the Shetlands, including the very southScotland (Shetlands)107
29/05/2019ShetlandsWet roads!Scotland (Shetlands)86
30/05/2019ShetlandsAberdeen to GairlochScotland230
31/05/2019ShetlandsGairloch to KillinScotland203
01/06/2019ShetlandsKillin to LlannefyddScotland;England;Wales330
02/06/2019ShetlandsLlannefydd to DerbyWales;England112
01/08/2019LocalTest of M's GPSEngland11
24/08/2019LocalTest: Local runEngland40
01/09/2019LocalM test 1/9/2019England11
08/09/2019LocalM test 8/9/2019England26
15/09/2019AlpsAlps 2019 - Derby to FolkestoneEngland216
15/09/2019AlpsAlps 2019 - Calais to PontavertFrance160
16/09/2019AlpsPontavert to ChamberyFrance448
17/09/2019AlpsChambery to FullyFrance;Italy;Switzerland239
18/09/2019AlpsFully to TriesenSwitzerland;Liechtenstein268
19/09/2019AlpsTriesen to Baden BadenLiechtenstein;Switzerland;Germany275
20/09/2019AlpsBaden Baden to ZeebruggeGermany;France;Luxembourg;Belgium370
21/09/2019AlpsHull to DerbyEngland96
13/05/2020LocalFirst run within Covid-19 rulesEngland50
07/06/2020LocalDamp DiversionEngland67
15/06/2020LocalDrying bike after washEngland33
24/06/2020Local26C local, some new to me roadsEngland30
01/07/2020LocalAborted shopping, partial exploration runEngland26
11/07/2020LocalGentle meander around local villagesEngland39
12/07/2020LocalEnjoying the weatherEngland70
24/07/2020LocalSome new to me roadsEngland0
09/08/2020LocalOvercast and mistyEngland71