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DateSubjectForum TitleCommentatrophy
29th Mar, 2008Side case lock screw locationsSaddle Bag LocksIdentifies screws that should be Loctited 
2nd Sep, 2008Picture of tools supplied with Gen IIWhat's in the toolkit?Picture taken of my '06's toolkitatrophy
6th Sep, 2008Blinking ABS light and SH__47YCC-S SH__47Strange symptoms, easily cured 
21st Jan, 2009Sidecase Lid AngleSidecase Lid AngleHow to easily reduce the opening angle of the side-case lid 
10th Apr, 2009Clutch engagement speed of AS/AEneed some AE help! YCCS disengage needs adjusted...Explains the setting procedure 
9th Jun, 2009Gen II idle screwIdle adjustmentShows location of adjustment screw positionatrophy
2nd Oct, 2009Changing some Gen II fairing panelsFairing ReplacementPictorial record (after being blown over)atrophy
21st Mar, 2010Clutch SoakA detailed pictorial clutch soak "how to"How to cure one cause of bad clutch operation atrophy
15th Jan, 2011Sidecase locksA cure for stiff bag locksReducing the stiffness of the locks 
12th Sep, 2011Audiovox cruise control installationAnother CCS100 cruise control on the FJR1300AS (AE)Links to my pictorial. Also useful discussion.atrophy
11th Sep, 2012Rear wheel/brakeFreeing the rear wheel from the brake padsTemporarily freeing the rear brake, no tools 
9th Apr, 2013Ground connection locationsgrounding spider detailed instructionsShows positions of ground "spiders" on my '06 
7th Aug, 20142014 Side fairing removalI give, how do you remove the fairing side panels on the 2013?Pictures added to MNFJR05's descriptionatrophy
10th Apr, 2016FJR Forum emoticonsCan't get the emoticons on my iPadText codes for Forum emoticonsatrophy
6th Feb, 20172014 Mirror mount removalI give, how do you remove the fairing side panels on the 2013?Link to pictures taken during mirror mount removal on my 2014atrophy